We’ve done all the work for you, or at least 55 years of it, refining everything from our patented recipes and procedures to our operations and advertising. The Blast & Brew concept is all about the customer-crafted experience—every choice is theirs. Endless customization of pizza, sandwiches, salads and more, means there’s always something for everyone at the table. And we’re as passionate about bringing people together as we are about your success.


We know beer and wine. We’ve partnered with craft breweries since the late 1990s, including Butterfield Brewing Company, Figueroa Mountain Brewing Company and Tioga Sequoia Brewing Company. We also know about creating a unique, custom experience for customers, and craft beer is known for experimentation. The flavors are constantly evolving, the market is steadily growing—and so are we.


Decades in the restaurant business have taught us that a great environment makes for a great customer experience. At Blast & Brew, we created the perfect atmosphere for people to talk, share, and make memories. We believe in bringing people together, and everything from our self-pour taps to our friendly Beer Geniuses helps make that happen.

  • Exclusive territories
  • Competitive cost of entry
  • High quality products
  • Ease of operation